Each level of sponsorship brings a variety of benefits to our partners

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Help provide linguistically and culturally-appropriate mental health services
to the Latinx community

$8000 and up


Presenting Sponsor

This level of sponsorship unlocks a variety of benefits, including a mention as a Presenting Sponsor in one of our Educational Videos, and recognition as a Presenting Sponsor in one educational session. 



Corporate Sponsor

This level of sponsorship unlocks the opportunity to be a guest speaker in one of our public forums and the inclusion of your logo as a sponsor in one television PSA.



Producing Sponsor

This level of sponsorship provides our partners a banner of their company on our campaign web page and the opportunity to participate in a social media live show interview.



Supporting Sponsor

This level of sponsorship gives our partners the basic package of including your company logo on our sponsor page, printed and digital content, and communication and PR materials.



Support the culturally and linguistically appropriate community-based campaign Escucha tus Emociones – Cuida tu Vida (Listen to your Emotions – Care for your Life). This multimedia campaign is a grassroots initiative created by talented local Latinx professionals. This campaign is one of the various strategies of Esperanza, a project from Centro Hispano of Dane County. This project supports the mental health and wellbeing of our Latinx community. 


Because of the great number of essential workers and the lack of access to health care, the Latinx community locally and nationally has been affected disproportionately by the current pandemic. This has exacerbated the barriers and challenges our community already experiences every day. According to local experts the main issues affecting the Latinx community currently are: economic instability, housing, lack of access to health insurance and health care, lack of bilingual and culturally appropriate services. Despite the strength and resilience of our Latinx community, families are sharing stories of extreme stress, despair, and hardship. Many are struggling with mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression. Elders, adults, children, and youth are being affected. 

This multimedia campaign counts with seed funding from the Department of Health Services to alleviate the mental health crisis aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic and  prevent risks of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). The campaign currently also counts with the support of several non-profit organizations, foundations and health care systems. (Michel, should we list or add all logos here? Sponsors like to know who else is sponsoring)

Through bilingual educational videos, public announcements, interviews and virtual community sessions with licensed bilingual mental health professionals this multimedia campaign will: 


·       Identify and describe mental health symptoms in a practical and relatable way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

·       Decrease cultural taboo and stigma around mental health within the Latinx community.

·       Provide information and actionable tools to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

·       Increase knowledge about healthy communication within the families.

·       Support parents and guardians to better deal with their teenagers during the pandemic.


There are many ways you can get involved:

·   By sponsoring the campaign (see sponsorship levels and benefits).  

·   By connecting us with potential sponsors.

·   By promoting the bilingual videos after the production is done.


To request more information about the campaign and how to become a sponsor please contact the campaign clinical director and coordinator Ana Paula Soares, MS, LPC at anapaula26soares@gmail.com or by phone at (414) 530-4620.  



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Ana Paula Soares, MS, LPC.
Director and clinical coordinator

Ana Paula is a licensed psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience providing bilingual and culturally appropriate counseling and trauma healing. Since Ana Paula moved to the United States from South America, Brazil, she has also been working with non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government agencies developing and coordinating projects, providing leadership development training and consultation in the areas of immigration and mental health, social and racial justice, historical and generational trauma.


Sandra Dempsey
Creative director and producer

Sandra is a visionary and highly talented Hispanic market consultant, Latina influencer and visual content director adept at developing compelling, impactful and visually appealing content. Born in Mexico, Sandra has lived in the United States for over 17 years, positioning herself as a natural storyteller with excellent speaking, writing and production skills.


Evelyn Cruz
Program development

Evelyn Cruz is the Director of Program Planning and Evaluation at the Hispanic Center in Madison, Wisconsin. For over 20 years, Evelyn has worked on statewide and community-based initiatives to improve health in WI.  She has provided direction and leadership in the design, implementation and evaluation of strategies for equity through cultural and linguistic access, diversity, inclusion, community engagement, oversight and technical support. Evelyn currently leads the Esperanza community.


Ángeles Soria Rodríguez
Community Health Promoter

Angeles has over 15 years of experience developing and implementing health prevention and advocacy projects.  She has been trained by several organizations in the areas of mental health, chronic illness, preventive health and advocacy. Angeles was trained by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to provide mental and emotional health support and education. 


Maria Salcido de Guerra, MS, LMFT.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Maria's passion is helping individuals (including children), couples and families live in healthy and strong relationships. 
A native of Mexico, Maria currently works for the Cancer Care Counseling Program at Saint Luke's Hospital and Aurora Sinai Medical Center. Previously, Maria worked as a psychotherapist for the Aurora Healing Center and Aurora Family Services, provided support to the School Community Partnership Mental Health (SCPMH) at the Forest Home Avenue School and the Albert E Kagel School. In addition, she worked at Aurora Sinai Medical Center as a family/ICU trainer. Lastly, she worked as a mental health consultant for Guadalupe Early Head Start and Head Start.