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The Escucha tus Emociones  (Listen to Your Emotions) mental health campaign was originated in Wisconsin, and was created by the licensed bilingual psychotherapist Ana Paula Soares, with the support of Centro Hispano of Dane County, the producer Sandra Dempsey of Source Ten and many other organizations. Currently, the campaign has the support of Community Advocates Public Policy Institute. The campaign began in 2021 in response to the mental and emotional health crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign now, has grow into a robust community effort. In addition to producing culturally and linguistically appropriate digital materials, it offers training in Spanish to health promoters, community leaders and health professionals so they can offer free Pláticas (talks) in the community, helping to reduce the stigma and supporting the Latinx community to find mental health resources and services. Escucha tus Emociones has trained 60 health promoters, community leaders and health professionals. 49 of them are facilitators of Escucha tus Emociones and have already held more than 30 talks in the community so far.

Community Leaders Sam Colon and Maria Fernanda Magana, Mentors Patty Luevano and Angeles Soria.   
Mental Health Fair - United Community Center, WI 


Evelyn Cruz 
Director of Program
Planning and Evaluation

We are extremely grateful for the support that Centro Hispano of Dane County has provided to the development and implementation of each step of the Escucha tus Emociones mental health campaign. Evelyn Cruz has worked with our team in developing community assessments and strategies, as well as grant writing and management. She worked directly with the Wisconsin Department of Health to raise resources for our campaign and, most importantly, she relied on the wisdom and experience of the community to develop and implement the campaign. Thank you, Evelyn Cruz for your work and dedication!


The Development of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Digital Resources

In 2021 with the collaboration of Sandra Dempsey of Source Ten, the campaign has produced 4 psychoeducational videos and a 30 minute TV show.


In 2022 Escucha Tus Emociones developed and implemented a community-base mental and emotional health training for 49 Health Promoters, community leaders and health professionals so that they can offer talks and resources in the Spanish speaker Latinx community.

Reducing Stigma Around Mental and Emotional Health Through Our Multimedia Campaign.

Escucha tus Emociones Campaign has informational posters at nine bus stops on the Milwaukee's

South Side. Also, all 4 psychoeducational videos were featured on Telemundo WI in 2022 and 2023 during Mental Health Month.


Increasing Access to Mental and Emotional Health Information and Services Through Our Community Talks (Pláticas).

Our facilitators (health promoters, community leaders and health professionals) have resources and training to hold free talks in the community. So far they have already hosted 25 talks and have  support to host another 30 talks in 2023.


Ana Paula-4.jpg

Ana Paula Soares, MS,LPC.
Clinical Director and Coordinator

Ana Paula is a licensed bpsychotherapist with over 20 years of experience providing bilingual and culturally appropriate counseling and trauma healing. Since Ana Paula moved to the United States from South America, Brazil, she has also been working with non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies developing and coordinating projects, providing leadership development training, and consulting in the areas of immigration. and mental health, social and racial justice, historical and generational trauma.

escucha tus emociones-46_edited.png

Patricia Luevano 
Health Coordinator and Mentor  

Patty has lived and worked in the Hispanic community since immigrating from her native Mexico. She is a passionate educator and graduated with a Bachelor of Education.

In the exercise of her vocation, Patty became an advocate, seeking to improve health and education conditions in the most vulnerable communities.

Patty works at 16th Street Community Health Center, training and supporting Latinxs community leaders.

She is a leader and mentor who uses her words to motivate, empower and inspire the most vulnerable to take leadership of their own lives and health.


Sandra Demsey .

Sandra is a visionary and very talented Hispanic Market Consultant, Latinx Influencer, and Visual Content Director who is an expert in developing compelling, impactful, and visually engaging content. Originally from Mexico, Sandra has lived in the US for over 17 years establishing herself as a natural storyteller with excellent speaking, writing and producing skills. 

Sandra cares about the health and well-being of her community and has been instrumental to the creating of this initiative.


Ángeles Soria Rodrígues
Community Health Promoter and Mentor

Ángeles has more

than 15 years of experience developing and implementing community projects around prevention, health advocacy and racial justice. She is a well trained and very experienced Community Health Promoter and Health Advocate. She has been trained by various organizations in the areas of mental health, chronic diseases, preventive and health promotion. 


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