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In November 2022, with the support of Community Advocates Public Policy Institute y sponsored by Better Ways to Cope, an initiative of the Milwaukee County Health Department, Escucha tus Emociones conducted its first comprehensive training on mental and emotional health in Spanish with more than 60 health promoters, community leaders, and health professionals. The training shared important concepts about mental and emotional health, as well as tools and techniques to reduce stress. It also included topics that are relevant to the Latinx community such as the impact of immigration, acculturation, and discrimination on mental and emotional health. With a holistic approach, the training interconnected contemporary psychology and psychosomatics with the wisdom of ancient traditions.  The training was designed and implemented by the psychotherapist bilingual Ana Paula Soares.

The topics that were addressed in the training of facilitators were:

- Emotional Intelligence, 

- Physiology and Psychology of Trauma and Emotional Healing,

- Immigration and Health, 

- Healthy Communication,

- Integral Medicine and Ancestral Healing 

- Practical Tools for Stress Reduction,  

- Mental and Emotional Health in Childhood and Adolescence, 

- Facilitation of Groups and much more.


After meeting the attendance of the in-person and virtual classes, the Health Promoters and community leaders facilitated their own talk in the community. And after meeting all the requirements, they have received a certificate as Listen to your Emotions facilitators. 

In 2023, with funding from the federal government of the United States, Listen to your Emotions facilitators will be able to count on resources and support to presenttalksfree in Spanish in the community.

Cecilia Tenorio

Cecilia Tenorio

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